Developed by Tereza Pařilová and her team from Czech Republic
Assistive technology for people with dyslexia


Project founder and research&development team leader

RNDr. BcA. Tereza Pařilová, DiS., MBA

Tereza Pařilová is a Ph.D. candidate at Faculty of Informatics and at Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University. At Faculty of Informatics, she focuses on development of assistive technologies for dyslexic people. With her DysTexia project, she won the 1st prize at the international competition Code for a Cause within the ICCHP conference (dedicated to assistive technologies development) in Austrian Linz in 2016.

In 2017, Tereza Pařilová was awarded the “Barrande fellowship” for a research internship stay at the Université de Strasbourg. This stipend is awarded based on a competitive selection procedure to young researchers and talented Ph.D. candidates by the Ministry of higher education and science of French Republic.

In 2018, Tereza Pařilová was awarded prestigious Werner von Siemens prize for overcoming barriers in her studies and her research.

Team members

  • RNDr. Michal ZimaDysHelper, DysTexia, consultant, programmer, developer
  • Mgr. Bc. Romana RemšíkováDysHelper, statistics and analysis
  • Bc. Bruno MižíkDysTexia, programmer, developer
  • Bc. Filip MrváňDysHelper, programmer, developer


  • RNDr. David Gešvindr
  • Ing. Pavel Říha


RNDr. BcA. Tereza Pařilová, DiS., MBA

Tereza Pařilová