Developed by Tereza Pařilová and her team from Czech Republic
Assistive technology for people with dyslexia


DysHelper is a web extension for Google Chrome browser designed as an autonomous part of the DysTexia assistive system. The main aim is to uncover users’ individual problems with concrete letter patterns and visually customize online text by inserting a fragmentation sign (a hyphen) between the letters so that problematic letters keep farther from each other.

DysHelper consists of
(a) sets of tests that allow evaluation of user’s problems and suggestion for visual fragmentation of complicated words;
(b) extension itself that, based on test evaluation, searches for problematic letter patterns (e.g., do, po, mn, un, mr) and inserts a fragmentation sign to appropriate places.

The fragmentation sign was designed to help accommodate text visually so that the eye system better distinguishes the graphical form of letters while not disrupting the structure and context of the text.

To find out more about DysHelper functions, benefits, case studies, and text images after fragmentation, please visit Publications section and read our articles.

The DysHelper project has been supported by the Faculty of Informatics Dean’s Program and by French and Austrian research programs.


The extension DysHelper for browsers Chrome or Chromium can be easily installed from the Chrome Web Store.